Judged to Be the Best

For thirty years The Tussman Program has been the only legal billing software program written exclusively by and for attorneys. Our customers have rendered judgment in favor of our legendary reliability, flexibility, and ease of use. But judge for yourself. Take advantage of our free trial offer and we’re sure you’ll reach the same verdict. Questions? Call Rich Zerga at (415) 592-8011 or email sales@tussman.com

Never Heard of the Tussman Program?

Not surprising. We have never spent a fortune on marketing and advertising. Instead, we have spent the past 30 years working constantly to refine and improve the program for our customers, which include over 1,000 law firms from all over the country. Because we are a small company, we have literally daily contact with our customers, and when they call to report a problem or with a suggestion for improvement in most cases we can implement that almost immediately! So whatever your needs and requirements in a billing program, you can be assured that the Tussman Program has already addressed them, and, of no less importance, that the program doesn’t just look good in a glossy ad, but that it really works!

Supporting Testimony:

“I recently brought our billing in house from an outside company that used Tussman. The staff at Tussman was extremely helpful in making the transition as smooth as possible. They spent literally hours on the phone with my employees to assist in the learning process. The program itself didn’t take long to get the feel for and it is stuffed with a plethora of features and very useful reports. I myself received excellent support from Tussman when I had to engage in some of the higher level functioning of the program. What is particularly impressive however is the fact that when I needed functionality that was not supported, Tussman coded it and released a new version which remedied the issue for me. Overall, I am very pleased with the program itself, the support, and the functionality it provides.” – Robertson Cohen, Cohen & Cohen, PC, Denver, Colorado

“I really like your program, its actually fun to use.” – Caryn Shapiro, Accountant, David Lee Rice, APLC, Torrance, CA

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