Release 10 Notes

This page summarizes changes made to Release 10 since its initial release. All changes listed are incorporated in the current Release 10 download.

8-28-2015 – Corrects error message sometimes generated when editing charges

6-16-2015 – Added option to print Calendar Week at a Glance in continuous columnar format, instead of setting aside separate box for each day, and Month at a Glance and Week at a Glance both now use slightly larger font.

6-10-2015 – Fixed line spacing issues with Balance Sheet and Income Statement reports when generating to less than Level 4. You can now generate the Master Ledger to a csv file for exporting the complete history (both charges and AR) for a client or matter.

6-5-2015 – The Check Register Reports can be generated to a CSV file; there is a new option to generate LEDES files for all bills that are tagged on your list of unfinalized bills, instead of having to generate them individually.

3-1-2015 – The Billing Summary and Retainer Application Reports can now be generated to a CSV file.

2-24-2015 – You can now initiate a remote support session where we log onto your computer directly by clicking on Help, Initiate Remote Support Session. Be sure to call us first to make sure we are available!

2-23-2015 – Fixed problem where the cumulative case to date totals, if printed on a historical bill, were inaccurate.

2-21-2015 – When printing lists of charges added an option to include or omit transaction entry number and type, added the ability to print a customized report title, and cleaned up the layout and appearance.

2-5-2015 – Changes to 1099 printing. You can now specify for each vendor which box you want their payment total to be printed in: Box 1, 3, 7 or 14. There is a new “Box” field in each vendor record for this. If you leave it blank, the amount will be printed in the default box specified in the screen where you print the 1099 forms. In that screen you now have the option to generate a 1099 form for a single vendor.

1-26-2015 – The Billing Summary Report which list bills that have been generated but not yet finalized now indicates if a bill has been emailed.

1-23-2015 – Corrected bugs in the calendar popup that you can use when for selecting the date when entering charges and AR transactions.

12-1-2014 – Increased the space for the description of Event Codes, Related Events, Location Codes, and Holidays in the Calendar from 60 to 240 spaces. To activate this change, click on Setup from the Main Menu without having first opened the calendar, then select Event Codes. The program will then automatically modify the database structure.

07-29-2014 – A recurring issue involves when items roll over from current into Over 30, etc, on the AR reports and on the client bills. When printing reports amounts will shift over only after exactly the number of days specified (ie., 30, 60, or 90 days). However, on the prebills or bills you can adjust this. On the screens where you generate prebills or bills there is a new field which states “Ageing Days +/-“. If you enter a number here it will add that number to the number of actual days since the previous bill for purposes of ageing. This usually comes up in the month of February where, because the last day of the month is usually the 28th, amounts still outstanding from January will still show as current because it has only been 28, and not 30, days since the prior bill. To avoid this, and have the prior amounts show as past due, enter the number 3 in the “Ageing Days” space when generating the prebill or bill.

06-27-2014 – When setting up a list of Users, you can specify a default staff code for each user which is automatically inserted when entering time charges. After security is activated, if you only give that user the rights to view or edit their own WIP then they will be able to view or edit all WIP for that staff member, in addition to all WIP which they entered using their User ID.

04-02-2014 – Corrected problem where the summary page would sometimes overprint the first page of the rest of the bill when printing the summary pages first;

03-07-2014 – (1) There is a new option to print the Billing Analysis, Income Analysis, Staff Earnings Analysis and Realization Analysis reports in landscape mode. This may make them more readable, especially if you have formatted them to include most or all of the possible column items. If you want to print the reports in the old format, just make sure the Print Landscape checkbox under the Preview button is unchecked when you generate the report; (2) When entering Charges or Receipts if you click the Batch button at the top of the entry screen it will display all the entries in the current batch (as displayed in the Batch space); (3) When entering charges, fixed a bug which required you to click Save twice to save the transaction, and enlarged the text window for entering the transaction description; (4) When generating bills, added a warning requiring confirmation if you select the option to generate bills for all files; (5) When finalizing bills, added an option to finalize bills for selected files. This enables you to finalize all bills for one Responsible Attorney, for example; (6) Improved the Activity Log function so that when clicking the Activity Log button on a client or matter file it pops up instantly; (7) Also improved the function that prints Staff Member timesheets to dramatically increase the speed of the report generation; (8) Added column items 70-74 to the productivity reports allowing you to include your current WIP and AR totals in columns on the report; (9) Added an additional format for the productivity reports where you can select one column item and display a spreadsheet for an entire year showing monthly totals for that item (click the Single Item Spreadsheet button); (10) Improved the format of the Client and Matter List reports, adding a Landscape printing option; (11) Added a new account type MISC in the GL Chart of Accounts. A MISC account will not appear on your Income and Expense Statement or on the Balance Sheet reports; (12) When browsing the chart of accounts you can now just type the account number and the screen will scroll to that account; (13) Improved the speed of functions related to preparing and recording checks and browsing the check register; (14) Increased the space allocated to the description you can type for payables, checks and journal entries, and it will now print the entire memo description on the check if that option is selected. Also improved check formatting functions; (15) When posting batches from the billing to the GL there is a new option to create a separate GL posting for each transaction in the batch, rather than just posting totals for each GL account (see checkbox at bottom of posting screen); (16) When printing a check for multiple payables the description for that check will now include the combined description from each payable; (17) Added a Virtual Folder option in the Batch WIP entry function which should be used in lieu of the previous method which involved creating separate folders on your hard drive for each users data, which caused problems on some networks.

10-30-2013 – You can have the program email a bill to multiple emails by typing
them in the Email and Contact spaces in the client screen. You can type more than one email in each of those spaces separated by a semicolon. You can probably fit a total of four email addresses into the two spaces.

10-21-2013 – The Program is now designated Release 10.2 as it incorporates substantial improvements over the original 10.1 release.

10-19-2013 – Updated the User Manual. After downloading and installing the update you can access the User Manual by clicking Help from the Main Menu. If you are running the program over a local area network, you will need to select Install Help File on Local Drive from the Help Menu before you can access it.

10-17-2013 – You can now configure the program to require the entry of an Activity Code when entering fee charges. This option appears under item 6 in the Data Entry Options screen on the Setup Menu. Enter Y to require the Activity code, or C to also require a Cost Code when entering Costs. Alternatively, you can require entry of Task, Activity and Cost codes on a matter by matter basis by clicking the Z button on the matter screen. To require just the Task Code, enter Y. To require a Task Code and an Activity Code, enter YY. To also require a Cost Code, enter YYY.

10-15-2013 – You can add additional addresses to a bill by adding each name and address to the Related Names list for that matter. Assign the Type Code ADDR to that Related Name and it will then print the name and address on the bill.

10-03-2013 – Fixed problems accessing Batch WIP Entry data folders on a network when the path to the program folder was different on different computers.

10-01-2013 – We have returned to using the Release 10 interface as the default interface. If you prefer the 10.1 interface (which emphasizes using the Control Panel at the left to access most of the program functions) you can switch back to using it by clicking on Setup from the main menu, Appearance and Interface options, Use TP11 Beta Interface). The Toolbar at the top has been modified to place the most commonly used buttons at the left, including the buttons to look up a client, browse and edit clients, matters, charges, and AR transactions, view a client’s Account Status screen or Master Ledger, or view the Time at a Glance or Cash Receipts summary screen. You can use the Client, Matter, Charge, Receipt and Bill buttons on the Control Panel at the left to create a new client, matter, charge, AR transaction, or Bill, and click the Finalize button to finalize your bills.

09-29-2013 – (1) The rounding rules you can specify in the Data Entry Options screen normally apply only when you are using a timer to record your time. You can now have the rounding rules also apply when you are entering time manually by checking the new checkbox in the Data Entry Options screen (found on the Setup Menu); (2) You can now generate the Trust, Retainer and Credit Balances report by Responsible Attorney; (3) You can print the statement message appearing at the end of a client’s bill in either bold or italic by typing a ^ or | symbol respectively in the first space of the message.

09-20-2013 – (1) Corrected problems with bill emailing function where in some cases some emails were not getting sent when sending more than one at a time. (2) Added option when making global changes to Billing Options from the Setup, Client and Matter Options function where you now have the choice of applying the changes to both existing client and matter files or to just the existing client files. If the changes are applied just to the client files, then the new settings will only be used for new matters opened for those clients and will not be applied to existing matters.

09-12-2013 – Added option to require assigning an Originating and/or Responsible Attorney code when opening a new client or matter. To activate either option, click on Setup, Client and Matter Options.

06/28/2013 – Improved the way a prompt payment discount appears on the bill. Bill format option 199 now allows you to place 3 separate lines on the bill. The first line displays the amount of the discount. Enter on this line the text you want to appear preceding the amount. The second line will show the amount due after the discount. Enter here the description for that line. The optional third line will display the total amount due if the discount is not taken. Enter here the description for that amount. It is no longer necessary to use the macros to insert the amounts in the text as the amounts will now appear automatically following the description you enter. There is however a new macro which allows you to insert in the description the date on which the discount expires. To insert this date type the ^ symbol.

05-27-2013 – Added Budgeting feature. In each matter screen there is a space where you can assign a budget amount; i.e., the dollar amount of fees you anticipate billing for that matter. The Account Status screen for each matter assigned a budget amount now shows the amount over or under budget to date. There is also a new Budget Analysis Report on the Reports menu that shows the budget amount, total fees to date, and amount over or under budget for all or selected files. You can also have the program warn you when entering fee charges if the amount of that charge will put you over the budget amount or a threshold amount below the budget (check option 16 on the Data Entry Options screen found on the Setup Menu).

05-27-2013 – You can now add additional attachments, such as scanned invoices for cost advances, to an emailed bill. After generating the bill, go to the New Bills Awaiting Finalization screen, highlight the bill and click the Attachments button at the top. Enter a list of the files you want to attach (including the drive and folder), separating each using a semicolon. You can also add files to the list by clicking the File icon at the bottom. You can then email the bill using the normal procedures.

04-26-2013 – Corrected error messages when attempting to tag bills on the list of bills awaiting finalization.

04-08-2013 – In Calendar module, added option when if the calculated date of a related event or reminder falls on a weekend or holiday to move it either back or forward to the next weekday, instead of always moving it back as it did before. To change this option, from the main calendar screen click Options and select the method you want.

04-03-2013 – Added ability to generate electronic bills for the ESIS Advocator System. Contact us if you need to generate bills in this format.

02-21-2013 – Corrected problem where February bills were not aging the January balance forward due to fact that February has only 28 or 29 days. Also corrected formatting problem with aging summary on bill.

1-7-2013 – A new Client Statement can be generated listing each bill, payment, debit or credit posted to the client’s account from inception in the same format as the Historical Bill, but without the detail of the actual fee and cost charges. This option can be found by clicking the More button in the Bills cluster on the Control Panel.

12-29-2012 – Added option to show detail of complete payment history on each bill, instead of just the payments for the current billing period. To do this, set bill format option 143 to A. This only works prospectively from the point you activate this feature.

12-13-2012 – (1) Corrected an error which prevented emailing of bills using Windows 7, apparently caused by recent updates to Windows 7; (2) List New Bills screen column widths are adjustable and client and matter columns display the Alternate ID and Short Matter Title in addition to the client and matter IDs.

12-11-2012 – (1) Corrected an error message which sometimes appeared when closing the program if the Client Browse screen was open; (2) If you make changes to the column widths of the Client Browse screen the program remembers them.

11-29-2012 – When emailing bills, added an option on the Email menu to Tag Bills for Clients with Email Addresses. This enables you to see a list of which bills are going to be receiving emails. You can then edit the list and when done email just the tagged bills using the Email Tagged Bills option.

11-29-2012 – In the Calendar Program when displaying the list of Related Events for an existing entry, if you pressed the Redo button it deleted any reminders associated with that entry. Now in addition to regenerating the list of Related Events it also updates the list of reminders.

11-20-2012 – (1) The User Manual in the form of PDF file can now be accessed directly on our website from the Help menu in the Program. The PDF file is no longer included with the program download to save time and space; (2) A new Bulk Close/Delete function has been added to the Tools menu which enables you to close or delete selected groups of clients or matters instead of having to do it individually. For example, you can now use the Tagging function to tag the clients or matters you want to close, then select the Bulk Close function and tell it to close Tagged files. (3) A new option has been added to force the program to always show both the client and matter ID’s in browse lists of charges and AR transactions. This option is found on the Setup Menu under Appearance and Interface Options. Before, if you were displaying a list of transactions for a single client or matter it would omit the column displaying the client and/or matter IDs; (4) Corrected an error where the Balance Due was sometimes not showing in the heading of the bill, if you had selected that formatting option.

11-18-2012 – User Manual updated to reflect all changes incorporated in Release 10.1

11-16-2012 – (1) The option to print summary pages first has been fully implemented. If you check this option on the Generate New Bills screen and you have formatted your bills to print a summary page for each client, or to print a summary bill for each matter with the detail of the charges listed on an attachment, then the summary will print first instead of following the bills for each client or the detail of charges. This feature also now works if you are emailing bills or printing bills to a PDF file; (2) Corrected a problem when generating lists of charges where the end of the description or the client and matter title were being left off; (3) When browsing charges or AR transactions, the Alternate Client ID and Short Matter Title also appear in addition to the Client and Matter IDs; (4) You can now bold the message at the end of the bill (either the global message or an individual message) by typing an exclamation mark (!) in the first space of the message. You can also bold the file number in the heading of the bill by typing an exclamation mark in the first space of bill format option 28

11-8-2012 – (1) When adding a new client, if you enter the client’s name (or other text) in the Client ID space and click the C button to the right of that space the program will perform a conflict check to see if that name appears anywhere in your list of clients or contacts; (2) When entering payments and credits, click the left arrow button to the right of the Amount space to automatically insert the current balance for that file, as shown to the right of the button, into the Amount space; (3) When generating a LEDES bill, if you enter a # sign in the Optional Prefix for Inv No space in the LEDES screen it will add the matter ID to the invoice number.

10-29-2012 – A beta version of the Release 11 user interface is available. Click on Setup, Appearance and Interface Options, and select the option to Use TP11 Beta Interface. The Control Panel at the left has been modified so that you can access all functions in the program from the panel without having to use the main menu or toolbar at the top. Selections have been organized into functional “clusters” on the control panel. For example, the Clients cluster appears first. Click on the clients icon to browse your list of clients, click the New button to add a new client, or click Find to find an existing client. Click the More button for a complete menu of all functions related to clients. Similarly for the Matters, Charges, Receipts, and Bills clusters. You can switch back to the Release 10 interface by selecting the Use TP11 Beta Interface option from the Setup menu.

10-29-2012 – If you select the option to apply a payment against specific invoice(s), a new button appears that lets you change the sort order of the list of outstanding invoices to either date, matter number or invoice number order.

10-26-2012 – (1) Modified Related Names database to include two additional fields for phone numbers and to include a search button on the browse screen; (2) When generating bills, the Edit Bill Formats and Edit Bill Messages buttons display the currently selected default format and message selections, if you have selected the option to force use of the default selections.

10-22-2012 – Cosmetic improvements to Acccounts Receivable and Trust, Retainer and Credit Balances Reports.

10-17-2012 – (1) Master Ledger now shows Credits (transaction type Q’s) in a separate column from Payments (transaction type P’s); (2) Fixed several minor problems with Master Ledger and added a print function (click on the Printer icon at top of Ledger screen) which prints the Ledger in the form of a report; (3) Modified the bill format so that when you select the option to double space charges (by setting format option 8 to Y), it also double spaces retainer and trust transactions.

10-14-2012 – A new checkbox option on the Generate New Bills screen instructs the program to print the summary page for each client first, instead of at the end of that client’s bills (provided you have selected the option to print a summary page for each client by setting bill format option 250 to A or M). This feature is not yet fully implemented and works only when the summary page option is set to A or M (but not C or Z, which calls for a summary page for each matter) and only when printing or previewing the bills (including printing to a PDF file), but not when emailing them. You should not use this option if you are generating a consolidated bill for each client (i.e., if format option 300 is set to Y).

10-10-2012 – Fixed problem when editiing a Rate Schedule where it was including inactive staff members in the list and returning an error message if there were more than 96 staff members in the list.

8-23-2012 – (1) You can now clear all transactions on the check register through a specified date by RIGHT clicking on the Clear button on the Check Register browse screen; (2) Modified the Billing Address feature so that you can enter just a contact person or other single line of information in the Billing Address space for a matter and have that line added at the beginning of the client address when it is printed on the bill. To do this, type an equal sign (=) in the first space of line 1 of the Billing address followed immediately by the text you want to appear.

8-20-2012 – Changes to Batch WIP Entry screen to correct problems accessing personal folders, to expand browse list to fill entire screen, and to display both the Client ID and Alternate ID for each entry on the list.

7-26-2012 – A couple of changes to speed up loading of the Master Ledger for a client or matter.

5-15-2012 – The program now prevents you from posting a batch to the General Ledger if the batch contains entries for more than one period (month).

5-4-2012 – Corrected error message when trying to add to the Chart of Accounts for a new company in the GL when the company was set up with a blank Chart of Accounts.

3-22-2012 – Corrected line spacing issues with some Accounts Receivable Reports; corrected overprinting problem when generating prebills for files with a summary page.

3-8-2012 – You can now bold or italicize all or portions of the description for charges on the bill. To bold, type a ^ character at the beginning and end of the portion you want bolded. To italicize, type a | character at the beginning and end of the portion you want italicized. To bold or italicize the entire description you can just type the relevant character at the beginning.

2-24-2012 – When printing a receipt for a client payment your firm name is now printed on the first line

2-22-2012 – You can now include all 5 lines of the matter title on the Accounts Receivable Reports by setting the Include Matter Title option to A

2-16-2012 – If you are including aging detail on the bill, bill format option 184 now lets you omit the aging section if there is nothing past due

2-15-2012 – Fixed bug where Year at a Glance screen was displaying incomplete totals

2-12-2012 – When generating lists of unbilled charges the letter S will now appear after the dollar amount if the charge is marked to be suppressed from the client’s bill

1-22-2012 – Fixed error message when making global changes to billing options

1-16-2012 – Fixed delay in loading Vendor List which occurred for users with large number of vendors

12-15-2011 – Fixed posting of batches to GL to speed up the process when posting a batch for the first time.

11-30-2011 – Fixed bug preventing posting of certain batches of AR transactions from billing to the General Ledger.

11-30-2011 – Release 10 allows you to assign a check number of up to 10 characters, instead of 6, when entering AR transactions. Fixed bug where when printing bill it was displaying only the first 6 characters.

11-15-2011 – Fixed error message if you typed a character when the Client Browse screen was sorted by Date Opened.

11-15-2011 – Fixed error message when changing client ID if the Client Browse screen was open at the same time.

10-24-2011 – Fixed error message when saving a recurring calendar entry.

10-14-2011 – Corrected problems when generating just the Summary Page for a single client or all clients (program was also regenerating the individual bills, but omitting the current charges).

10-10-2011 – Corrected cosmetic line spacing issues on Accounts Receivable Report.

10-05-2011 – Fixed problem where the year portion of the date was sometimes printing on a separate line in the bill heading.

10-04-2011 – Fixed problem where payments entered as client level payments were not displaying correctly on the AR Journal if using the long file ID option.

10-03-2011 – Fixed error message when displaying bills pending finalization if any of the listed bills had been emailed.

10-01-2011 – Maintenance update to correct the following issues: (1) Portions of historical bills were omitted when generated directly from the Account Status screen; (2) Balance forward would sometimes not appear on the payment entry screen if it was a very large number; (3) Filtering the client list by Date Opened required both a beginning and ending date; now you can enter just a beginning or ending date if desired; (4) Closing a client screen after viewing it the program would save the information even if no changes were made; (5) If a client or matter ID was changed the Activity Log information would be lost; (6) If both a debit and payment transaction appeared on a bill the payment would sometimes appear as a credit balance forward in addition to showing as a current period payment.

09-07-2011 – Modified most of the browse screens so that lists of clients, matters, WIP and AR transactions, bills pending finalization, payables, checks, GL transactions and calendar entries automatically expand to fill the entire available space on your screen regardless of the type of monitor or screen resolution you are using, thereby enabling you to see more information without having to scroll over. On the screens where transactions are loaded one page at a time (payables and GL transaction lists and some of the AR transaction lists), the screens have been modified to fix a problem where some of the items on the browse lists were not visible unless you scrolled down. On those screens you can also now specify the number of transactions that are displayed on each page by changing the number appearing in the far upper right hand corner of the browse screen.

09-07-2011 – Fixed error message preventing recompiling of the invoice number list.

08-25-2011 – Fixed problem where the percentage discount option for each matter was sometimes being changed inadvertently when performing a global replace after changing any of the default billing options.

08-20-2011 – Added a calendar icon to the right of the Date field in most entry screens which brings up a calendar from which you can select the date.