Tussman Program Free Trial

Our Free Trial is a full working copy of Tussman Program Release 11, the latest version of our billing program. Also included is our optional Docket/Calendar module. Fill in and submit the form below to download and install it on your computer. You can then use it on an unrestricted basis for 30 days so that you can get a true feeling for how the program works. The complete user manual can be accessed by selecting Help from the main program menu, and you can also view a brief tutorial (also accessed from the Help menu) for each program module that will walk you through its basic functions.

Should you decide to purchase the full program, any data you enter in the Free Trial copy can be retained if desired, or you can start from scratch with the full version. If you have any questions or problems with the program, please call our sales department at (415) 592-8011 or Customer Support at (510) 524-2834.

Warning! If you are a current Tussman Program user, do not install the Free Trial in the same folder as your existing program. However, you can install it in a separate folder if you want to use it for training or other purposes.

To download the Free Trial, complete the Contact Form below, then click the Proceed to Download button.