Release 10 Download

The final version of Release 10.3 for customers still using that version.

Click here to download Tussman Program Release 10.3 – July 30, 2016.  Please review instructions below before continuing.

Click here for Release Notes – A summary of changes incorporated in the latest download

Download Instructions

After clicking on the Download link, a Download screen will appear. Click on the Download button, then tell it you want to Open the file. If you receive messages warning you about an unknown publisher, tell it to run the file anyway. After the download is complete, your browser should list the Install.exe file. Click on it and this should launch the Tussman Program Install Wizard.

Before continuing, make sure that you have closed your existing copy of Tussman and that no one else is using Tussman on your network.

Click Next when the Install Wizard comes up and in the second screen make sure you specify the correct folder where you want to install the program. If you are creating a new installation, the default folder name is C:\TP9, but you can change that if necessary. If you will be running the program on a network, then instead of installing it on your local drive C you should install it on the network drive. If you are installing the download as an upgrade of an existing copy of the program, you must specify the same folder where your existing copy is located. Otherwise, you will wind up with a second blank copy of the program. If you do not know the folder name, start up your existing copy of Tussman and click on Help, About the Tussman Program. The line that begins with the word “Directory” shows the drive and directory. Copy that exactly as it appears into the Folder space in the Install Wizard.

Complete the installation by clicking Next three times, then click Install, then Finish. You do not have to change any information in those screens. The program will start up automatically and display the main program screen. If you are upgrading an existing copy, click on File, Clients, to verify that your clients are present. If not, you probably installed the upgrade into the wrong folder

System Requirements

The Tussman Program is a 32-bit application designed to operate on any computer running Windows XP or higher, including Windows 8.

Network Installation

If you are running the program on a network, install the program only on the server, as described above. Do not install it on each workstation, as that will simply create separate copies of the program on each computer. Instead, after installing it on the server create a shortcut on each desktop that runs the TP7.EXE file located in the Tussman Program folder on the server. Make sure that each person who will be using the program has full rights to that folder and that the folder is fully shareable. You do not actually have to install the program at the server itself; it can be done from any workstation as long as you tell the Install Wizard to install it onto the server, as described above. If you are installing the download as an upgrade, your existing shortcuts will still work since the name of the executable file is still TP7.EXE and does not change with each upgrade.

After installing a network version, click on Help, About the Tussman Program and verify that the Network Status line reads “Shared”. If not, call us for instructions on how to activate the network sharing features.

Program Help

The program includes a completely revised on-line User Manual for the Billing, General Ledger and Calendar programs. It can be accessed by clicking Help from the main menu, or by pressing the F1 function key which brings up the help topic for the screen you are on. If you are a new user, first review the sections titled Program Overview, The Main Screen, Getting Started, and Six Steps to Painless Legal Billing. The General Ledger and Calendar have similar sections which you should review if you will be using those modules. Then use the rest of the manual as a reference guide which explains in detail the various functions. There are also step-by-step Tutorials for each module which you can view by selecting Tutorials from the Help menu. If you are an existing user, check the What’s New section on the Help menu which describes the new features in the update. The manual is also provided in the form of a PDF file titled tp10.pdf which can be found in your Tussman Program folder after installation.

If you are running the program over a network, to access the User Manual you will first have to install it on your local drive. To do this, click on Help, Install Help File on Local Drive. This must be done on each workstation that will be accessing the program.

Display and Start Up Screen Options

Release 10 requires that the screen resolution on your monitor is set to at least 1024 by 768. If you are using a setting of 800 by 600 some of the screens in the program will be cut off. To change this, click on the Windows Start button and select Control Panel. Then click on Display, Settings. With Windows 7, instead go to the Control Panel and under Appearance and Personalization select Adjust screen resolution. Then slide the Screen Resolution tab to the appropriate setting.

To select the program font and font size, from the program’s main menu click on Setup, Screen and Font Size. You can also designate a default start-up screen by clicking on Setup, Start up Screen. Each user can select their own settings as described in the User Manual.

If you notice that some of the buttons on the program toolbars are blank, it means the Start In space in your shortcut is blank. To correct this, right click on the Tussman shortcut on your desktop, click on Properties, and fill in the Start In space with the path where the program is located as it appears in the Target space above (leaving off the /tp7.exe part at the end).

For help with installation or other issues please call Tussman Support at 510 524-2834