These downloads are both for existing Tussman Program customers who wish to upgrade to the latest version of the software they are using, and for new customers who are installing the program for the first time. Important! Whether you are a new or existing customer, do not attempt to perform any of these downloads unless you have received a current download code from us. Codes change every month, so if you have an expired code please call 510 524-2834 to get the current code. If you attempt to download an update without the code your existing copy of the program will be disabled.  Installing any of these downloads will not, however, erase any of the data in an existing copy of the program.

We frequently update the program to add new features, so check the date shown on the download page to see if it is more recent than the version you are currently using. Even if the version number is the same, versions with a later date will include all changes and improvements made to the program through that date. (To check your current version date, click on Help from the main Tussman Program Menu, then About the Tussman Program and note the date that appears on the Version line).

Tussman Program Release 11.5 – Now Available. Download code is required; phone (510) 326-1897 for ordering information.

Tussman Program Release 10.3 – The final version of Release 10 for customers still using that version.

Remote Entry 2011 – The latest version of our Remote Entry Module for use with both Release 10 and 11 of the main billing program. This module enables you to record time and disbursements on a separate computer and periodically export it to the main program.

Tussman Program MSI file – Use to install a shortcut to connect to Tussman on the cloud, if you are using our cloud hosted version. Download and save this file to your desktop. Then run the file and it will add an new Tussman shortcut to your desktop. Run that and then enter the userid and password you have been assigned.

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