Program Support

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile in providing support for our customers. If you discover a bug in the program (it does happen!), have an idea for an improvement or new feature, or just need help figuring something out, don’t hesitate to contact us. Purchase of The Tussman Program includes six months of unlimited phone support to help you get up and running. After that, you can purchase an optional annual support contract entitling you to unlimited phone support, free minor program upgrades, and a fifty percent discount on major upgrades which are released on average every four to five years.

Tussman Program User Manual – If you are a current Tussman Program user, you can access our comprehensive built-in User Manual by clicking Help from the program’s main menu. Or, from any screen in the program press the F1 function key to bring up the help topic related to that screen. If the Help function does not work on your computer, then click Help, Install Help File on Local Drive.

Or, you can also click here to view the complete User Manual in PDF format.

If you have a question or problem for which you cannot otherwise find an answer, please call customer support at 510 524-2834, email us at, or click the Contact Us button at the side of this page and send us a message.

We have worked for over thirty years to improve the program and make it as foolproof and user friendly as possible. Plus, we make ourselves available on a daily basis to assist customers with questions and problems. Thus, we hope you can appreciate that no matter how simple your question or problem might seem, as a policy we do not provide support to customers without a current support contract.

Support Using Team Viewer

In resolving support issues it is often helpful for us to log onto your computer so we can access your copy of the program directly. To have us log onto your computer, give us a call to make sure we are available, then click on this link which will automatically connect us to your computer:

Click Here to Activate Remote Support Session .

If you are running a version of Tussman dated February 24, 2015, or later then you can also initiate a remote support session directly from the Help menu within the program.