November 4, 2015

Release 11 Now Available

Our first major upgrade in over four years is now available.   Click here for a list of new features.  One feature you will be certain to use is a new function that lets you edit all the transactions and formatting features of a bill from a single screen.  Existing customers should receive an order form in the first half of November.  If not, or for more information, please call (510) 326-1897.

October 19, 2013

Release 10.2 Now Available

Release 10.2 is an interim update available free of charge to customers who previously purchased Release 10 and have a current support subscription. Please call for the download code. If you have not updated to Release 10, or do not have a current subscription, please contact us for pricing information. Release 10.2 incorporates numerous refinements and improvements which have been added since Release 10.1 was first introduced in November 2012, as listed in the Release Notes. It is highly recommended that all customers using earlier versions install 10.2 as it ensures a higher degree of reliability and polish, in addition to the new features.
July 18, 2011

Release 10 Now Available

Tussman Program Release 10 is now available as an upgrade for all existing Tussman Program customers! It includes the following new features and improvements:

1. Emailing of bills – You can now email bills to all or selected clients at the click of a mouse.  The program will automatically generate the bill in the form of a PDF file, attach it to an email, and send it to the email address on file for each client.

2. Font management – For those of us who are losing our eyesight, we have added the ability to select the font and font size from within the program;

3. Longer File ID’s – You now have the option to use longer 16 character ID’s for your clients, matters and vendors;.

4. Program facelift –  Every screen in the program has been spruced up for a cleaner, crisper look and to accommodate longer file ID’s and different sized fonts;

5. Master Ledger – Now you can see a complete history for each client or matter (including charges, both billed and unbilled, and all AR transactions) on a single screen, showing totals to date and current account balances, with the ability to click on any transaction to view or edit it;

6. Year at a Glance – Our popular Time at a Glance feature has been expanded to display a calendar for the entire year, showing monthly totals of hours worked and cash received, with the ability to click on a month and see a detail of the hours or receipts.  You can also view a Time at a Glance screen for an individual client or matter;

7. Periodic Activity Summary Report – The report you have been waiting for! Select any time period, and for each file the report shows beginning balances, a summary of all activity for the period, and ending balances for both AR, Retainer and Trust Accounts, and Work in Progress. Combines five existing reports into one;

8. Client and Matter Tagging – You can “tag” individual clients or matters to create a random group for purposes of generating a report or performing other functions, including the ability to display only tagged files when doing lookups;

9. Who’s in the Program? – A new screen lists each user who is currently in the program, a useful feature when running the program on a network;

10. Calendar Month at a Glance – Scroll through an entire month and click on any day and time to see the existing calendar detail or add a new entry;

11. Personal Note Pad –  A personal note pad for each program user that can record memos, reminders, or other notes.

12. New Bill Formatting Options – New options to print section headings and total lines in bold and to specify at what column position the program prints the total line text.

13. Select which types of transactions you want to show on the Historical Bill – You can now generate a historical bill that shows only fees, costs, payments, or retainer/trust activity.

A new version of our Remote Entry module is also available. If you are using Remote Entry, you should also upgrade to Remote Entry 2011 as older versions will not be fully compatible with Release 10 of the main billing program. Remote Entry 2011 also features a spruced-up interface and font selection options.

Release 10 can be installed at any time and does not change any of your existing data. Since the program interface is basically unchanged, you will not have to learn anything new other than to familiarize yourself with the new features.

For ordering information, please call 510 524-2834. Upon payment by check or credit card you can either download the upgrade from this website or we can send you a CD by mail.

As always, we appreciate your business and look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.