The Tussman Program Legal Billing

Our legal billing software includes all the functions you need to maintain lists of clients, matters, contacts, and persons related to each matter. You can perform conflict checks, generate client and matter reports and labels, keep unlimited free form notes for each client or matter, and email a client with the click of a mouse. Easy to use input screens enable you to record all your time and disbursements, both billable and nonbillable, as well as payments, credits and retainer and trust transactions. Bills can be formatted to meet virtually any requirement, and can be generated at any time, for any individual client or group of clients. All the transactions on a bill, as well as the bill formatting features, can be edited from a single screen. You can print an exact copy of any past bill at any time, generate a comprehensive “historical” bill, or generate separate reminder statements for past due accounts. Any finalized bill can be unfinalized, changes made, and regenerated as needed. From one screen you can view a client’s complete account history and status, including a master ledger displaying all activity to date. Sophisticated reporting capabilities can show in a single report account balances and a summary of activity for any date range desired, as well as specialized reports such as a staff earnings analysis or detailed productivity reports.

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Other Modules

General Ledger/Accounts Payable/Checkwriting Module – Our fully integrated General Ledger allows you to print and record checks for client costs and office expenses, and posts client costs automatically to the billing part of the program. Similarly, client receipts can be posted automatically from the billing program to the GL. The GL maintains check registers for both office and trust accounts, and generates standard balance sheet and income and expense statements as well as detailed ledger reports. You can also use it to maintain a list of vendors and to manage your office payables.

Docket/Calendar Module – Our Docket/Calendar module maintains a list of appointments, tasks, and reminders for your firm. Calendar Reports can be printed in a variety of formats, including week-at-a-glance and month-at-a-glance, either for individual staff members, designated work groups, or for the entire firm. You can also create event codes so you can calendar an entire series of events which are triggered by one master event.

Remote Entry Module – a separate module that allows staff members to record time and expenses on a separate computer and periodically export them to the main billing program.

Local Area Network Module – enables the program to be accessed by multiple users simultaneously on a Local Area Network. Our built in security function enables you to assign an ID and password to each user, and to limit each user’s access to specific program functions.

Electronic Billing Modules – Generates billing statements in formats required by LEDES, Litigation Advisor, Tymetrix, and other electronic bill processors.

Import Module – Imports lists of charges compiled by various photocopy and other metering devices such as Equitrak® and Copitrak®. We also have modules that allow you to import time records that are generated by Amicus® and TimeMatters®.

System Requirements

The Tussman Program is designed to operate on any computer running Windows XP or higher, including Windows 10. With our cloud hosting option, you can access the program from any Windows or Apple desktop or laptop computer.

For pricing and ordering information please contact Richard Zerga at (415) 592-8011 . With payment by credit card, you can download our software and be up and running within minutes!