Remote Entry 2011 Release Notes

This page summarizes changes made to Remote Entry 2011 since its initial release. All changes listed are incorporated in the current Remote Entry 2011 download.

02-28-2015 – If you are operating Remote Entry in “Local” mode the Time at a Glance Screen (click TAG from the main menu) displays the combined daily total of unexported time in Remote Entry and time that has been exported to the Main Program for the default staff member specified for your copy of Remote Entry. If you click on a date it will give you a list of the individual time entries. Exported entries will have an E in the first column.

11-28-2012 – (1) In additional to selecting the Font and Font Size, you now have the option of displaying the font in bold by selecting Tools, Select Font from the Main Menu and checking the Bold box; (2) If you change the widths of any of the columns on the main screen the program now remembers the changes; (3) Pressing the ESC key now exits you entirely from the program as it used to in prior versions; (4) New shortcut keys have been added. When at the Main Screen you can press N to add a new entry, C to Clone the highlighted entry, T to pop up the timer for the highlighted entry, O to toggle the timer on or off for the highlighted entry, or F to flag or unflag the highlighted entry.

10-04-2012 – The list of current entries now displays both the Alternate Client ID and the Short Matter Title in addition to the Client ID and Matter ID for each entry. If no Alternate ID or Short Matter Title has been assigned, or if it is the same as the Client ID or Matter ID, it displays the Client Name or Matter Title.

03-07-2012 – Corrected problem where when entering or editing the description for an entry some of the navigation keys were disabled.

03-07-2012 – Added ability to reduce the size of the program so it takes up less space on the screen. To do this, select Adjust Screen Size from the Tools menu and enter the percentage of the full size that you want. For example, to reduce by 20 percent enter 80.

10-28-2011 – Changed so when pressing Enter after completing a new entry the Save:More button is selected as it was in Remote 2007. Also changed so when finished editing an entry the Save button is automatically selected instead of the Cancel button.

10-13-2011 – Fixed error message when trying to open an entry in the history file (present only in versions dated on or after September 11, 2011.

09-11-2011 – Added a calendar icon to the right of the Date field in the entry screen which you can click on to pick the date from a calendar.

09-11-2011 – Added a new option on the Configuration screen to allow saving of entries with a 0.00 dollar amount without the program asking for confirmation first.

09-11-2011 – Added a text search field to the Filter option when displaying the History list so you can search for entries based on a word or phrase in the description field.

09-11-2011 – Added an option allowing you to select whether to print a list of exported entries by date or record number order after you have finished the export.

09-11-2011 – When creating a new entry, if you turn on the Timer the program automatically saves the entry and reopens it in edit mode so that if, for example, your computer freezes or loses power you will not lose the accumulated time on the timer. It also does the same if you create a new entry with the timer running by right clicking the New or Clone button.

09-11-2011 – Fixed bug in the entry screen where if when doing a text search for a matter no matches were found it would give you an error message.

09-08-2011 – Modified the program so that it automatically resizes depending on the monitor and screen resolution you are using. This enables it to run on monitors with screen resolution settings of 800 by 600, but also to take full advantage of monitors with higher resolution settings.