What our Customers are Saying


I just wanted to share — I have started with a new billing program called Tussman and I can’t express to you how fantastic it is — Timeslips was a struggle every month — something always going wrong, and with outrageously expensive support — not so with this new program — I can’t believe how stupid friendly it is — within a week I figured out how to use the program (mostly by myself, and there is great support if you need it) — then I finished and mailed out all of our bills for October yesterday. They were so beautiful. I’m sooooo happy. Yikes (this is totally not a sales pitch – just totally love this program and sharing the joy). –
Vivienne F. Hill, Law Offices of Peggy L. Bennington, Mill Valley, CA

Wow. You are wonderful. I have been so grateful to you. I love your program. Whenever I get confused someone is always there. Thank you so much! Take care – Anna Gregorian, Esq., Lakeport, CA

Just wanted to let you know that as we’re getting into our billing for June, we are loving Tussman more and more! Of course there is a learning curve, but it is SO much easier to use than Timeslips and the best part is that it just works! We’re only sorry that we didn’t switch sooner. – Camille Perna Wang, Esq., Perna & Perna, APC

I purchased your program at the end of May 2010 and I have been very pleased by the level of customer support that your firm provides. I can’t say enough good things about you and will certainly recommend the billing software to others. Thank you. – Law
Office of Martin Zurada

The Tussman Program is the best kept secret in the legal industry, proving that the most popular programs are not necessarily the best programs. I’ve been recommending The Tussman Program since 1988, because there is simply nothing it can’t do – it’s easy to set up, easy to bill, and the reports are by far the best in the field. I’ve evaluated all of the programs, and regarding price (both purchase and support) and performance – nothing else compares. – Vince DiPaola, Computer Consultant, NY

The ease and efficient manner of our monthly billing cycle is due in no small part to The
Tussman Program and its support staff. – Victoria Lawson, Aronowitz, Bordelon, & Skidmore, Inc.

I have been using The Tussman Program for almost 15 years now, and I am happy to provide an endorsement for Tussman and their products. The software is easy to use, and when we have questions, the support is excellent. Also, we have seen a couple of ideas for the program that we’ve suggested, appear in upgraded versions of the program. As always, we look forward to continual updates and enhancements from the Numero Uno Billing/Calendar/General Ledger System by an Attorney for All Attorneys. –
Rita Rife, Law Offices of Melvin I. Stoltz

I think your program is WONDERFUL! It is one of the few that never crashes, never conflicts with something else, and just keeps on doing what it is suppose to do. Thank you. – Joe Seckelman, Attorney At Law

We are in the process of entering all of the client name and address info and I cannot believe how quick and easy it is. Our previous program was so time consuming, no matter what you were doing. I think we are going to be very happy with Tussman. Thanks again! – Heather Pastorino, Young and Basile, P.C.

I don’t know how you do that stuff but its pretty neat. – Peter Stern, Estate Planning
Attorney, Palo Alto, CA

I just installed Version 9.0 and it upgraded without a hitch. That was the easiest upgrade I have ever installed. Thanks for continuing with a great program. – Melanie J. Aldridge, Esq., Fresno, CA

No hassle, no muss, no fuss…it just works! – Timothy E. Durant, Attorney, Clearfield, PA

I just finished off my first round of bills with your program and I didn’t want to curse or cry once. I love it!! Thank you, thank you! – Maggie Konze, Law Offices of James N. Crowell, Torrance, CA