If you are an existing Tussman Program user, you can upgrade directly from any version of The Tussman Program, Release 6.0 or higher, to our current Release 11.

Upgrading is necessary if you are using Release 6 or 7 and are upgrading to a new computer using Windows 7 or 8. Versions of Tussman prior to Release 8 will not run under current versions of Windows. However, the good news is that upgrading takes only a few minutes and all of your existing data is retained!

Of course, if you are using Release 8, 9  or 10 it is still advisable to upgrade to Release 11 due to the many improvements incorporated in our latest version which make the program even more dependable, powerful, and user friendly. Even if you are already using Release 11 you should check our download page frequently to see if there is a more recent version available, as we update the program frequently to add new features and improvements.

Please call for pricing. We can take your upgrade order on the phone so that you can get up and running with the latest version of Tussman within minutes!